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Trimble Gedo Track: Slab Track Construction

Trimble GEDO Track Malaysia

Trimble GEDO in combination with Trimble GEDO Track software is a simple, integrated system to measure for precise adjustments, inspections, and quality checks.


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Trimble Gedo Scan: Clearance Check and Scanning

Trimble GEDO Scan Malaysia

The Trimble GEDO Scan System is a modern, efficient tool to collect detailed information about track and surrounding features. With Trimble GEDO Scan you can quickly gather precise, high-resolution data for use in track clearance assessments and facilities management.


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Trimble Gedo Vorsys: Pre-Measuring for Tamping

Trimble GEDO Vorsys Malaysia

Trimble GEDO in combination with the Trimble GEDO Vorsys software provides adjustment data to tamping machines quickly and efficiently, and avoids costly idle time for ballast tamping machines and work crews.


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